Digital marketing is hugely popular but there is still a place in the marketing mix for events such as tradeshows, seminars and in-house presentations. These events give a valuable opportunity to meet face-to-face with existing and potential customers and also increase brand awareness.

At VTM we assist clients in all aspects of event marketing from developing presentations up to designing major trade show stands. One of the important aspects of any client events that involve a stand or booth is providing a briefing document for all staff involved at the event to ensure that they understand the Do’s and Do nots of manning a stand to ensure maximum engagement.

Events are not a cheap option, so it is important to make the most of this great marketing opportunity by following our tips:


The do’s

  1. Be on time – there is nothing worse than see people setting up their stand after the event has already started. You need to be setup, relaxed and in place to greet potential customers. Not a frazzled mess.
  2. No phones – people do not look approachable when they are on their mobile phones (speaking or texting). Therefore, to ensure that people are keen to visit your stand keep your phone in your pocket.
  3. Smile – if you appear happy and open to discussing your products and services then you are more likely to be approached than if you look miserable and as if you would rather be anywhere else than manning this stand.
  4. Giveaways – if you are keen to collect business cards then having a prize can be a good way of attracting people to enter by putting their card in a barrel.
  5. Housekeeping – ensure that the stand is always neat and tidy and that the brochure stands are fully stocked at all times.
  6. Get plenty of sleep – working a stand is hard work as you are on your feet the whole time.
  7. Be aware of body language – from across the room, visitors cannot hear what you are saying so they can only judge you by your body language. Crossing your arms, slouching or huddling with colleagues and chatting are all negative signs to visitors and will discouraged them from stopping by your stand. Instead, adopt a confident stance and a welcoming smile to attract visitors.
  8. Dress code – presentation is also a key element of stand manning. If you do not have a company uniform, please ensure that you are neat and tidy as your appearance is a reflection of your company and brand.
  9. Make notes – ensure that you complete an RFI with or after the visitor has left to have a record of your discussion and any follow-up required. These contacts can then be added to your CRM for ongoing nurturing.
  10. Engage with visitors – when someone has made the effort to enter your stand then this is your change to engage with them and determine whether they are a potential target customer. Have some pre-prepared questions to help start your interaction. Here are some suggestions:
  • How are you enjoying the show?
  • Do you know of our products/services already? If no, this is a chance for you to explain your offering. If yes you try continuing with the following:
  • It would be great if you could speak to my colleague who works in our sales team and can help you with more information. Alternatively, you can ask them to complete an RFI (request for information form) so that the lead can be followed up with after the show.

The do nots

  1. Don’t sit down – although it can be tiring standing on a stand, avoid sitting down on the stand as this will make you look less ‘approachable’ to visitors. If you need a break, ask a colleague to cover for you whilst you take a break.
  2. Not eating – it is unpleasant and unprofessional to eat on your stand. As with sitting down, if you are hungry simply ask a colleague to cover for you so that you can get something to eat.
  3. Do not be pushy – be aware of body language and signals that visitors may be giving you. If you ‘force’ someone to talk to you, they will end up with a negative impression of you and your company. Better to simply send them on their way with a smile.

We hope that you can put these tips into practice at your next event and see how event marketing can be used to benefit your business and used successfully for lead generation and ensure a good ROI. If you need any advice or assistance, please get in touch to discuss your needs at: