As with everyone else, the current situation has meant that all of VTM’s client meetings have had to be done online recently. Turning this into a positive, we have been using ice breaker questions as a tool to get meetings started and also to help us get to know our clients and their teams even better.

Here are some of our favourites so far:

    1. If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you like to be?
    2. Are you a Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset or Nightime person?
    3. Which famous living person would you like to have over for dinner and why?
    4. What skill or talent would you like to have?
    5. What was your first job?
    6. If you could choose one vacation destination where would you pick and why?
    7. Are you Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
    8. If you were sitting in a quiet park on a bench, who would you like sitting next to you and why?

If you have an ice breaker or two that you would like to share, please comment below or email us at: